The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves. Until one day there are none.
I am not ready for anything to happen.
I should have murdered this, that murders me.

Forget Me Not // Mays and Keera


The blonde nodded subdued when Keera narrowed her eyes at her. There was nothing heroic about the situation and she didn’t want recognition anymore than she wanted pity. Still playing with the food as she thought Mays looked up at Keera somewhat exasperated, “but I brought the truck back! we drove the getaway truck into the woods once we found our own. Still had some supplies in it, two or three it..”

Taking a bite the blonde bit her lip in thought, “damn lucky but kind of odd..I mean assuming those guys were coming to pick up the supplies wouldn’t that be their main priority? even with hunting us down they still had enough men to finish unloading all their crap from the convoy and the stuff we already had in our truck..” shivering slightly Mays shook her head in confusion, “Don’t mind me I’m starting to lose my marbles..”

Keera crossed her arms over her chest.  ”Good.  No one is taking it out, or any of the vehicles out without talking to Ian cause honestly those are meant to be for in case we need to make an emergency get away like in the tunnels.  And I worked way to fucking hard to get everything up and running for shit to just get trashed and shot at.”  

She rolled her eyes.  ”Unless the whole leaving the truck with supplies out there was bait to lure idiots in.”  She muttered.  It was always a possibility, what she would do.

The Loss || Ian & Keera


He nodded “Same”. They werent going to have much luck here if the place had been sacked all the way through, but hopefully the back part, where the dead were milling around, would mean there were more supplies. 

Securing one hand on the handle of the store room and the other on his knife, he pulled  the door open and took a step inside, ready to take out the few stragglers someone had locked in. He Waited for Keera to touch his shoulder, signalling him that she was there while he continued forward toward the first couple of dead limping toward them. He stuck his knife hilt deep into the skull of the first one he came to, then moved on to another on it’s way to Keera’s turned back. He put his knife through the back of it’s head from it’s neck, then turned for another kill.

They cleared the room rather quickly, leaving a pile of about 8 dead on the floor in the darkened room. “We’re clear” he told her, looking around. There were several half stocked metal shelves and some bins with sundry items that Ian began sorting through. There was also another solid door behind the bins that looked like it had taken a beating, but was otherwise intact. Sliding a bin over, he saw a small child, what was left of it anyway, move from behind one of the shelves. It limped toward him rather quickly, snarling at him. He hesitated for a moment, Connor coming into his mind. Stepping back away from her, he hit his shoulder on another shelf, making a few glass containers fall at his feet “Fuck!”

The sound of the containers breaking on the cement floor jostled him back into the situation, and he stuck his knife into the top of the thing’s head before he kicked it away from him, breathing hard. He’d never once wavered before, and he was furious with himself for doing it now. He turned to look at Keera in time to see a group of dead walking toward them from the main store.

"Shite, Keera!" he yelled, pulling at her arm to reposition her toward the oncoming horde. There had to be at least 50 of them coming at them.

Keera breathed out hard through her nose as they finished clearing the room, moving around Ians sides to smash the face of one in as it moved towards his side.  No point in wasting the ammo if they could help it after all.  Once the room was clear she opened her back, flipping open the top amid the pile of dead flesh to pull some of the cans down and into it.  There were a few packages of dehydrated milk, not the best in the world but it was something.  Someone would be happy to have it with steal cereal.  

She looked up as Ian paused, frowning at his momentary hesitation.  ”Ian.”  She hissed but he had already recovered and put his knife into it.  She winced as the glass hit the ground, created a crash rather larger then either of them would prefer.  ”Shit!”  Sh swore, quickly pulling the bag shut and flipping it over her shoulder.  As he yanked her arm and turned her towards the crowd her nose wrinkled at the smell of rotten flesh as it ambled closer and closer to them.  ”Son of a…” She cut herself off, saving her breathe as she re-positioned the gun.  Taking all of them out hand to hand would have been a challenge, even for the two of them.  This was the exact situation that they saved Ammo for.  

Grabbing one of the bins she turned it over onto its side with a grunt and kicked it hard so that it rolled into the doorway.  They needed an exit but that door was not going to be a good option until they thinned out the horde anyway.  

The first wave hit the can blocking the door, their dead eyes locked on them as they tried to walk over it, bumping and pushing into eachother.  Taking them out with the back of the shot gun she turned it around to shoot some of the ones farther back.  ”They’re going to pile!”  She winced at the words.

I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable.

Forget Me Not // Mays and Keera


Mays nodded solemnly at her mini-rant, “Well how can anyone argue with that? Just because your life was hell before doesn’t mean you should still be treated like shit now. You’ve got a strong head on your shoulders you know what to do to survive no one can hold that against you.” she mumbled playing with the strawberry jam idly.

the blonde turned, eyes widdened abit as Keera retold her getaway story, snorting Mays shook her head, “rolling out at fifty after getting hit sure sounds like it was thought out, better than what I did hit three times and Cara got knocked out and all I did was drop a bracelet..” Nodding at Keera’s order Mays rubed her wrists again, “Gonna talk to Ian in abit..hey K?” Keera looked exhausted and ready to walk away but Mays needed to say it, “You kept me-kept us, alive out there. I-I didn’t know what to do..I killed them and let them turn as a distraction. Kept telling myself not to puke or complain..Knew if you were there you would’ve told me to snap out of it..I’m not saying you saved us but you..I was probably hallucinating but it-you kept me in alive. So thanks I guess..” well fuck wasn’t that awkward Mays thought cringing slightly when she was finished, nothing like telling a friend their master-murdering skills helped you in the end.

Keera shook her head, not willing to discuss anything that had to do with the being treated like shit subject.  She could take that as long as someone had her back, even if they were spitting on it from time to time.  

Her eyes narrowed slightly.  ”It was well thought out and planned with what I had.  Better then getting to their camp and taking on god knows how many.”  She growled.  ”And if there is anything I can do properly its take a punch, most of all if that punch is enough of a distraction for me to get away.  Which was really the only option I fucking had.”  

She took a bit of a breath to calm herself.  She nodded as Mays told her how she had gotten Cara and her out, though she was having a hard time finding anything heroic of admirable about the situation seeing as it shouldn’t have been one that they had gotten in to start with.  She crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head.  ”Aint nothing that you need to think about or worry about that.  Nothing disgusting or disrepute about it.  Never apologize for what you need to do to survive.”  She didn’t know if the words came out bitter or not, though there was more bile in her throat from having to say them then there normally was considering what they had to do was leave her.  

She licked her lips and looked down as Mays thanked her again.  It felt awkward.  ”Yeah…just…know that next time ya’ll jump into a car for a joy ride, I’m not following.”  She took another long sip of the water, not wanting to look as hurt and betrayed as she felt.  ”And ya’ll owe me a new truck fyi.”

The Loss || Ian & Keera


He rolled his eyes at the road, listening to her voice, but not her words, while she disregarded the men. “Mm” he mumbled here and there, but didnt say anything until she’d finished “Wouldn’ dream of it, K” She was probably right, and if she was going to wait around for the men to change or accept whatever it was she thought she was, it wasnt worth arguing about. “Got it” he told her, putting a finality on the subject matter.

He looked at her after her comment, now wondering how dented his truck door would be “Twinkies were never m’thing”

He moved down the isles quickly, darting his eyes from shelf to shelf as he went; there wasnt much. He grabbed a pack of batteries off the floor and stuck them in the pocket of his BDUs and kept moving. 

He paused at the small set of coolers in the back when he heard her voice “Copy” he said, staying low as he moved toward her. “Ye find anythin’?” he asked in a whisper, as he looked into the dusty windows. There were a few shapes milling around but it looked easy enough. He held up his fingers, counting to three before signalling that he was opening the door.

It didn’t do any good to think about right now.  Their focus needed to be on what they were doing.  She smirked a little bit at him.  ”Right but it wouldn’t be anything to turn down right now.”  She snickered.  

"Nothing."  She muttered.  "Well nothing useful…probably more in the back where people haven’t gone in as much."  She had to assume that the cannibals and military guys that they had bumped into over the months had gotten to this place first.  Still, a smash and grab was normally time sensitive so there was at least a chance that they hadn’t done a full raid in the back.  

As his fingers started counting, she pulled the gun fully into position, not wanting to use it if they could help it but willing to if it was needed.  Aiming it at the door as he got to one, her fingers rested on the trigger, tightening and un tightening reflexively.  She gave a nod as he went to pull open the door. cursing under her breathe.

Once you cross the line there is no comparing. There’s just that side of the line.


death’s her boyfriend: for the gruesome details we leave behind.

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